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82nd Airborne – The Waal Crossings at Nijmegen 1944

March 26, 2017 joedemadio 1 Comment

On my trip to Nijmegen I visited the center of the city which got bombed on February 22nd by American planes by mistake. Right now that part of the city is called Plein 1944 or Square 1944. They believe that around 800 people were killed during the bombings.

Then I went on and  stood at the site where the 82nd Airborne crossed the Waal River during Operation Market Garden. John R. Towle won a medal of honor for his actions on September 21st 1944 and walked near the location where it happend.

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  1. michael gregoric
    March 27, 2017 - 7:56 pm

    Very nice video Joe !

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