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Bastogne Ardennes 44 Museum

August 26, 2014 joedemadio 0 Comments

Did I just visit the battlefields?

It was the first question I had after visiting the Bastogne Ardennes 44 Museum. Bastogne counts three museums at the moment and this was the only one I didn’t visit yet. DSC01278The museum starts just like some other museums out there. Mannequins and lots of items are exhibited over the place. For some items they have little boards giving you some extra information. They have a great collection from troops of both sides DSC01281 Besides the modern look in some of the museums out there, this museum has a lot of wooden structures. It adds so much more value to it. But the best has yet to come!   In the museum you will see a road-sign saying “battlefield”. As you follow the sign you will enter a barn with a staircase leading down to the battlefields. My jaw dropped and my eyes were wide open.  I had never seen such a beautiful reconstruction of battlefields of Battle of the Bulge! They really did a great job in showing you how the 101st Airborne was dug in around bastogne.
DSC01283 DSC01282 This is a must-see for everyone! If you’re planning to visit Bastogne during the 70th aniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, this museum will give you the best imagination of the real battlefields. Especially the sound effects in the background makes it much more realistic. The hall is filled with vehicles, mannequins, relics and fake snow. If temperatures would be below 0 degrees Celsius you’d think you just entered a time machine. The battlefield section was designed by the owner of the History 44 Museum in Berismenil. The Bastogne museum also gives you a 20% off to the museum in La Roche and Berismenil For more information check out their website on This museum really deserves a 5/5 rating!

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