This year’s edition of the military expo has been a blast! I recorded a little vlog if you want an impression of how my day has been. It started off a bit chaotic as my alarm went at the wrong time, but we managed to get there in time. I’ve met up with a couple of fans and received gifts from them as well. This day was a real blessing for me!

At the expo I bought a lot of stuff for video reviews. I got variety of MREs to review which will come up after I’ve finished my diet for the summer. As you  can see in the video I bought a jacket with a patch of the 5th Infantry Division as well as the 16th Armored Divsion. During the war the soldier belonged to the 16th Armored Division and was eventually transfered to the 5th infantry division to be shipped home. The pins on the collar shows that he was in the 11th infantry regiment while being given an honorable discharge!


I also got some reproduction ww2 rations which I will review very soon. I shared addresses with the creator of them, so I hope we can expect more from it! All I can say is, I’m excited for the future.

Shout out to: Djay, Hans, Jop and Gunter!

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