A boyhood dream coming true!Me and Robin Laing a.k.a. Babe Heffron from Band of Brothers

So today I met the Band of Brothers Cast at the Utah Beach Museum! My dad recorded everything so couldn’t take pictures in between. I did make two selfies, one with Babe a.k.a. Robin Laing, and one with Rick Gomez and Frank John Hughes a.k.a. George Luz and ‘Wild Bill’ Guarnere!

After the Band of Brothers meeting we visted the German War Cemetery in Orglandes. On our way we saw some parachute droppings near Sainte-Mère-Église. I then spend my afternoon paying another visit to the D-Day Experience museum, because I felt I missed out on something. I read all the captions and information pannels over again. My opinion didn’t change; this is the best museum out there!

While in the museum I met with Ray Pegram. Pegram is a World War 2 Veteran and he was a member of the 71st Troop Carrier Squadron; 434th Troop Carrier Group. When I asked him for his unit he pointed at my Screaming Eagle Ray Pegram – 71st TCS, 434th Troop Carrier Groupemblem and said: I brought them to Normandy. As the museum staff was in a hurry I couldn’t really speak to Ray. After our quick chat they brought him over to the C47 simulator at the museum.


We ended our last day in Normandy with a BBQ and some good drinks. Tomorow we will move up north along the coast, visitng Ouistreham and more of the Sword Beach area.

I hope you all had a greet weekend, I surely did!

Joe out,

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