June 4th, 1944.

Amazing first day in Normandy!

We’ve witnessed a parachute dropping with a real C47 at Hémevez. On our way to this place we came across different sites of the 82nd Airborne Division. Just like last year the atmosphere is geat! I’ve taken an interest in the Filthy 13 and even bought the book of Jack Womer, a Filthy 13 veteran. They are the famous paratroopers with a mohawk haircut, and everyone has prejudices about them. Sainte-Marie-du-Mont is still my most favorite place to be during the anniversaries!

We’re staying at the Le Haut Dick Flower Camping in Carentan. It’s a nice and welcoming camping site and the coffee is great here. Vlogs will be up as soon as I get back in Holland. Pictures are available on Facebook: http//www.facebook.com/joedemadioyt/posts/823457614396616

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