So on March 30th I travelled to the dropzones of the 504th PIR that was used on September 17th during operation Market Garden. The regiment had two dropzones: one for the main body of the regiment at Overasselt and one for E Company at Grave. In this video we visit the dropzone at Overasselt and then travel on to the Grave bridge that had to be captured by E Company. Lieutenant John S. Thompson of E Company landed closest to the bridge and captured the south side while waiting for the rest of the 2nd Bn to arrive. The other troops of E Company had set up a roadblock south of Grave to prevent German troops to recapture this vital bridgehead.



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2 thoughts to “Dropzones of 504th PIR Operation Market Garden | WW2 Traveling #2

  • DJKentucky

    Great video! Very informative!

  • Jeroen Vos

    Leuk gedaan.
    Wellicht heb je hier iets aan voor een volgende keer.

    De fijne details over Grave en het 504 PIR

    Goed dat je inderdaad nog Kazemat Zuid gevonden hebt 😉


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