This is another letter of 1st Lieutenant Orvin E. Nelson that I wanted to share with you. Around February 17th 1945, Nelson has fought in the Battle of the Bulge and crossed the Sauer twice! The first time on January 18th near Gilsdorf and Diekirch and the second time near Weilerbach, Luxembourg on February 9th to break through the Siegfried line. Around February 17th, Nelson’s unti was having a rest in Luxembourg and that’s the reason why he says he’s in Luxembourg. Other regiments of the 5th Infantry Division were still fighting in Germany.

Another interesting point is the coins that Nelson mentions at the bottom of the letter. His son still has the coins and paper money that he sent back then!

Right now I’m in the proces of reading all the letters from December 1944 to January 1945. They are about 35 letters and I’ll be using them for my final thesis on my bachelor History studies.

As you can see there are still some red markings in the letter. I wasn’t able to decipher them properly so any help is welcome. Leave your corrections in the comments down below!

Feb 17, 1945
Somewhere in the E.T.O.

To the one I love: my darling wife.

Hello again darling. Here is your old man again. And sweetheart, I’m so very much in love with you.
Honey, you mean the world and all to me. Dearest, you have made me so very happy since I met you. You are just the best little wife a guy could ever have. And darling you’re all mine too, forever and ever.
Well honey, I only got a letter from Granma today, but I still have yours up to Feb 7. And that was just …. only 9 days to get to me. I sure wished those packagers would hurry up and get here …… I think I have a tape worm or something. I’m just always hungry it seems.
Life still goes on here. The weather is still just like spring. Good days for the air corps. Give em hell boys. B…. long short they are a pretty sight when they fly over you during an attack. And if you need them they will help you too. Jen, we are really a great team here now.
Honey, we had some fresh milk today, & it was the first for all of us since we left the states. …. civilians here gave it to us. They are really friendly people here in Luxembourg. And also fresh eggs. It’s so peaceful around here. You wouldn’t know there was a war on at all. Oh you honey, these people here in the house I have my platoon in have a big dog that they use to pull a wagon with hay in it. Boy, they really do work him. And even the county here is pretty. Nice & even? now with the snow gone. But just give me that dirty weather in Chicago, & I’ll even pick my papers? in Lincoln park.
Well honey, how are you & the problem Cat making at. I probably wouldn’t know her now. She was just a little thing when I left. You take good care of her honey & keep …. the kittens. See honey, we’ll be so very happy when I get back. ….. I’m so in love with you. Darling, you’re just the best little mama in the world honey. You have made me so very happy dear, & I’m so in love with you.
Honey, I sent you a bunch of coins home in one of that …. But I’ll send you some more if you want them. I have a couple now I’ll send you for your bracelet. I think we have  …. …. up a long time ago. I’m trying to send you of every denomination? from all of these countries.
Well darling, I have run out of news for today so I’ll sign off. Bye dearest darling of mine & dear remember that I love you with all my heart & I’m always thinking of you. Don’t worry too much dearest, just keep on praying for me. Keep your cute chin up & honey tell pop hello & pet Mitzi for me.

P.S. …..  of ….. honey & I love you

Your forever loving husband,




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