When you guys are reading this, I’ll be on an airplane on my way to Okinawa, Japan. For two weeks I will move around the island to research the World War 2 Battlefields. Throughout the trip I will be actively posting pictures and other content on Facebook and Instagram. But the biggest effort will be put into my YouTube Travel Video series where I will walk the battlefields and explore the island.

I hope to learn and understand the Okinawan culture and also to show the world what the former battlefields look like today. I’ll be walking in the footsteps of the 1st and 6th Marine Division as well as the 7th, 77th and 96th Infantry Division who all fought in the Battle of Okinawa. Don’t forget about Hacksaw Ridge with the story of Desmond T. Doss! YES, I will be visiting Hacksaw Ridge! Another interesting fact is that right now it’s the 73rd Anniverary as the battle took place from April 1st to June 22nd 1945. I’m really looking foward to visit these sacred locations, hike up some big mountains and see where one of the bloodiest battles in World War 2 was fought.

Besides a lot of fun and interesting stuff, this trip will help me broaden my work field. I hope to gain a ton of knowledge and experience with the battlefields over here as well as the island itself. The pacific campagin and research of it is overlooked way too much compared to the European campaign. Also for Footsteps Researchers it’ll expand our service to the Pacific. This means we can help MORE families and honor MORE veterans!

Make sure to follow me on both Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The YouTube video series will be edited and released in the summer months. After Okinawa I’m heading to Vietnam for a month with my other half. I will be back in business end of June!

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  • Arno

    Looking forward the best of luck and hoping for some good stories and new knowledge


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