Earlier this year I received mail from a man whose father served in the 5th Infantry Division. His father was Orvin E. Nelson 1st Lieutenant in the 10th Regiment of the 5th Infantry Division. Right now he’s walking his footsteps in Europe. I helped him with some of the locations that his father fought at and he also sent me some of his dads war time letters.

I’d like to share with you a letter from Dec 12 1944. At the time Nelson was in M Company, 3rd battalion.
On Dec 9, the 3rd Battalion was moved to Ludweiler. The next day he started his first action in combat. The day after this letter was written, Nelson’s unit would have moved near the Saar river to guard a bridge in the 95 th ID sector, somewhere between Wehrden and Wadgassen Germany.

Nelson’s letters will be used for a 14.000 words History paper where I analyse war time letters. Besides, this letter helps me in discovering more  about the 5th Infantry Division soldiers. Especially their thoughts, emotions and the way they looked at the war. To finish my project I’d like to make a page on my site dedicated to Nelson!

The letter still has some missing words as I was unable to decipher them. Feel free to help me out!

Letter 11:
Lt. O. E. Nelson 0-1325509

Co M 10th Inf.
c/o Pin N.Y N.Y

December 12, 1944

My darling wife.
                Well sweetheart, as you can see by my address I’m right in the thick of it now. Honey, I’m in Patton’s 3rd Army of 5th Infantry Division and “M” Co with Orvin from ill (Illinois?) So I’m right at home. Honey I can’t tell you where I’m located now, but dear just watch the headlines. That’s where you’ll find me ‘The 10th Inf of the 5th Div , We Will in the Spearhead. Now honey just don’t worry about me. You take good care of yourself. Keep your pretty little chin up. Just remember darling, that I love you so very much, I’m thinking of you every chance I have.
                I’ve changed now somewhat clear. But not the way you think. I’m so very much in love with you dearest of. I can’t wait till I get home, but honey, I’ve got a big duty now. I have a things got ahead of me. When we are though men here + the jerries are all gone then we will be home to our loved once. And dear I love you with all my heart.
                Dear I’m not here to be a hero or win any medals. I’m here to fight for the things that the jerries don’t want us to have. And damn it honey, what I’ve been through or seen so far. Them bastards can’t do anything to take it away from me or us. Oh you dear your name is now on my ….. carbine. So you can see where my wife comes into my heart. With your perfume? In my pach & your name on  my carbine nothing, not even a jerry can hurt me. Just remember honey that I love you so very much.
                Honey, my new insignia is the red diamond. And when you get this letter call up …. & tell her my new address. I don’t have much time to write, so tell her not to expect any letters for a long time.
Well sweetheart: I must … now. Don’t expect too much mail from now on dear. Just remember that I love you with all my heart & I’ll be safe as long as I have your love in my heart. Tell Pap .. to take good care of my little wife.  ……………….. Keep your chin up.

I love you Honey. Your loving husband forever,


dec12-1 dec12-2 dec12-3

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