During the week of September 17th 2014, there were a lot of activities regarding the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands.

Wednesday September 17th was also the I had free from studies. A perfect day to visit the events near the villages that were part of the frontline during the operation.

The Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery was our first stop. Even though I visited many cemeteries already, everytime I’m surprised about the fact some soldiers were around my age!

Veghel8 Veghel10



After this we decided to visit the OMG Basecamp at Veghel! This camp was filled with tents, vehicles and reenactors. In the back there was a small military fair with books and clothings. In short, the camp was a living museum  itself!

Veghel18 Veghel1 Veghel2 Veghel20Veghel21 Veghel23


On September 20th we visited Ginkel Heath! Every year there is a ceremony at Ginkel Heath, followed by a paratrooper drop. This year they would do the same, but on a much bigger scale. The plan was to drop 500 para’s in the morning and 500 in the afternoon. Due to mist and clouds the morning jump was cancelled and the afternoon jump was delayed. We spend the day visiting the Base Camp at Ginkel and we had a look at a lot of vehicles and tents.

ginkel16 ginkel7 ginkel6 ginkel21ginkel10

Then around 14:30 it was finally time for drop! The first drop was done from a real C47 Skytrain which for me was the time to see a real C47 flying in the air. Other drops were done with a Hercules and soon the sky was filled with paratroopers.

ginkel31 ginkel30 ginkel35 ginkel33 ginkel50 ginkel51ginkel31 ginkel46 ginkel44

The day would end with another C47 drop followed by a Sherman tank run on Ginkel Heath. Unfortunately, due to upcoming thunder and lightning this was cancelled. We had to wait for an hour in queue for the bus while the rain was pouring down. Nevertheless, I had two amazing days visiting the battlefields!

I hope you enjoyed this picture report. Make sure to check the video which gives you a much better view of the anniversaries.

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