Dear Fans and Friends! I NEED YOUR HELP

This year I’ll have my last year of university for my BA History study. Earlier this year I discussed with a military historian about my final thesis/paper subject. I introduced him to my passion about the Battle and told him I’d like to use it as my subject for my final thesis. He agreed and so here I am.

In my final thesis I will focus on the experiences, emotions en feelings of soldiers that fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Because of this I need all of your help to gather as much personal letters and diaries from veterans as possible. The final thesis will also be published on my blog and I will credit everyone who helped me with the research.

If you think you have something useful, email me at: Everything that dates back to 1944 and 1945 is useful!

Thank you in advance,


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2 thoughts to “NEED YOUR HELP! – Battle of the Bulge letters wanted!

  • Jim Ritthaler

    Do you still need letters? My dad was in the 5th Infantry Division, 2nd Regiment during the bulge. I have his letters home during this time. He was part of Third Army and he references their great General (Patton ) that was leading them.

  • Dennis Griffin

    My dad was also in the 5th ID, 2nd Regiment. Do you know what company your dad was in?


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