An Unforgettable day
Ciney Militaria Expo 2.0 October 2014!

The Ciney Militaria Expo occurs twice a year and I can say I look forward to it every time! I love the fresh air early in the morning while driving through Belgium. As soon as I arrive at the expo my heart starts beating a little faster and the air of “old stuff” reaches my nose, I’m home.

This year was going to be different than other years. Since my last Ciney video my youtube channel has grown bigger, and I’ve met awesome people over time. I was very excited to meet my fans and friends with the same passion.

It would also be the first time for me to buy items related to the 5th Infantry Division. My interest in them is big and I would love to dress a mannequin dedicated to the 5th infantry division. That, however, will have to wait for another time. Nevertheless, I bought a very rare book published by the 5th infantry division itself “The 5th Division in France”.Ciney4Ciney5It’s the first edition of the book, which was only published for soldiers that were in the 5th infantry division. Other editions were published for friends and family. The owner of the book was in the 735th Tank Bn, who fought alongside the 5th ID near Metz, France. His Army Serial Number is written in the book and I was able to find he Serivce Record here. Besides that the book is signed by different soldiers of the division.

Besides the book I bought a 2nd Infantry Regiment Crest pin, an action figure named “Cappy” from Saving Private Ryan (portayed by Vin Diesel) and some other cool stuff which you all can see in the video below.

The most amazing thing of the day was meeting the people that watch my Youtube videos. It seriously made my day to meet some of them.

The second edition of the Ciney Militaria Expo was successful and I can’t wait for the first edition of 2015!

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