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Then & Now: The Battle of the Bulge Video Series

September 25, 2017 joedemadio 0 Comments

Most people love to see pictures of the battlefields of World War 2. That’s why I started my Instagram page on the Battle of the Bulge 1,5 years ago, and so far it’s been a succes. Another thing that I’ve always enjoyed with these war-time photo’s was that in some cases, the orginal location of where the photo was taken was traceable.  This led to a video series that I’m planning to do whenever I get the chance. Last summer I was in Luxembourg for my annual WW2 research trip. After having collected multiple photo’s and their original location, I went back to record a video of how the area looks today.

Much better than Then & Now pictures, these video’s give a better understanding of where the photo was taken 73 years ago. They allow you to ‘Relive’ the past just a little more.



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