That’s what the local battlefield tour site is reporting. The 60-year old war movie veteran wrote a script for a movie called ‘Greyhounds’. He’ll be one of the main characters for the film, which is directed by Aaron Schneider. The movie tells the story of an officer who is a captain of a Navy destroyer. It is likely that Tom Hank will be playing the role of this officer, who’s fighting against the enemy and his self-image. Currently Playtone Pictures and FilmNation are talking about the financial part of the film. Its budget will be an avarage of $35 million.

Tom Hanks played the role of Richard Phillips in the thriller ‘Captain Phillips’ released in 2013. Here he was the captain for the unprotected container ship MV Maersk Alabama. It told the true story of the hijacked ship the MV Maersk Alabama, which got hijacked by somalian pirates!

Currently, Tom Hanks is also involved with the productions of ‘Masters of the Air’. It will be the next mini-series after Band of Brothers and The Pacific which is based on Donald Miller’s book ‘Masters of the Air’. This book tells the story of the US 8th Air Force that was used to fight the Germans on the Western Front from 1942. The series has a budget of $500 million, which is more than Band of Brothers ($125 million) and The Pacific($200 million) combined. Masters of the Air will be released at the start of 2017.

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