I’d like to share this letter and story from Elva Pack with you, written on April 10th 1945.
Elda and Elva Pack were twin brothers who both were in the same unit and company during the Second World War. They served under Patton’s 3rd Army in the 5th Infantry Division, 10th Infantry Regiment. I think it’s rare that twin brothers serving in the same regiment and especially company is a rare thing!

On April 11th 1945 a German soldier opened up with his MP40 SMG on Elda Pack striking him both arms and left chest. Simultaneously they came under intense artillery fire. Elda was taken to a barn and breathed subsequently. He spent over a year undergoing surgery and rehabilitation. He later said his captain came to see him in the hospital and told him that his twin brother Elva and he killed the German that shot him. This may or may not be true as Elva was killed by a gunshot wound to the head and had a broken arm from artillery. Elda also had two pieces of shrapnel in his back.

All this happened in the same battle on the same day April 11th 1945. It is pretty unreal to believe he wrote this letter one day before his death.

Elva is buried in Margraten, Holland in the National Cemetery. In July I will visit his grave and I will also visit the village and possible location Elva was killed during that day. There are a lot more letters from his family members out there and I will cover everything in a video that will be published in coming upcoming months, including visiting the grave and sites.


April 10 1945

Dear Folks,

How is everyone getting along. Me and Elda are both just fine. Hope you are the same. Have you got any of the stuff we sent home & sent two knives and some other stuff but it may not even get there. Where is grandad at now? Did he ever come back from New Mexico? I guess it is getting pretty warm out there, isn’t it? It is getting warm out here.

I got a letter from Nola the other day and he said that Carl had went to take his physical for the army & sure hope he don’t have to go. Well I will close and write Nova a little so ans. soon


P.s. Tell Ray and Faye to write to us.


Elva Letter April 10-1Elva Letter April 10-2

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  • AP Moser

    Elda is my grandad, thanks.


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