This right here is Hamm Farm, also known as Outpost No.3 that was held by 4 Machine Gunners and a 60mm Mortar Crew of F Company from the 12th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division on December 16th. It was also one of the first outposts to fall into German hands.
Hamm Farm, Berdorf
Ten days later, on December 26th Colonel Roffe, Commander of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division, decided to use the 1st Battalion to capture the final regimental objective. The 1st Battalion had been in reserve since they arrived in Luxembourg so the Hamm Farm and the woods near would be their first task. They marched in column toward Berdorf and expected to pass through the 2nd Battalion.However, instead of passing through, they found them in a bitter fight while the surrounding area was filled with shellfire.
When the 1st Battalion tried to sideslip to the west it ran into a group of Germans on its left flank. Before they knew it they encountered very heavy artillery fire and C Company alone lost thirtytwo men while deploying to attack. It wasn’t until the morning of December 27th that the final collapse of Berdorf allowed the 1st Battalion to reach the woods at Hamm Farm and made the capture of it possible.
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