Some call us rude, some find it fascinating, some don’t care, some find it interesting, some find it grave robbing and for some it’s the most exciting thing in their life. I’m talking about metal detecting on the World War 2 battlefields. In this blog I’d like to talk about the last 2 of the group I just mentioned. The people who think we are grave robbing and about the people who think metal detecting on the WW2 battlefields is the most exciting thing in their life. 

First of all I want to clear out both ways of thinking. Everyone agrees that war involves death and that some people will never return after a war. After World War 2 there have been many news articles about soldiers that have been found by amateur metal detectorists. On youtube there are loads of videos where people dig up soldier remains. All these things combined make it look like there are a lot of soldiers still missing and that the chance of finding soldier remains is big. Therefore people will think that many of us are grave robbing when we find soldiers equipment.

For me and many others, metal detecting is one of the most exciting things in our lives. We read books about companies and regiments, we collect maps and do a lot of other research to find our metal detecting spots. We know that the real chance of finding soldier remains is much lower than most people think. My goal is not to participate in any grave-robbing activities, my goal is to get real close to history and share my experience with people. I think us metal detectorists get closer to World War 2 than any other World War 2 enthusiasts. If it would happen for me to find any remains, I would contact local authorities who know what to do so that the soldier may be reburied and will get his final rest in peace.

I must say that way more soldier are being listed as “missing” on the eastern front compared to the western front. For some people in Eastern Europe it’s a sport to find bodies and pile up the bones while taking their possessions.Image10

Are WW2 Metal Detectorists Grave Robbers? No, you can’t blame the actions of some people to a whole group of people. We have WW2 Metal Detectorists and we have Grave Robbers,  both with different intentions.

Lest never forget!

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