Last week I got a series of DVDs from Pen & Sword books about the Battle of the Bulge. Today I’ll be reviewing the first one: Siege of Bastogne. 

The documentary is about two hours long and the Battlefield TV team takes you on a tour around Bastogne. I liked how to overal content was set up. Military Historian & Battlefield Guide Tom Dormer together with help of others and 90 year old veteran Dr. Steven Weiss do a great job in explaining the battles. In high detail they explain how the Siege of Bastogne evolved from the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge in a day by day coverage.

The overal focus is on the American troops, but that depends on where the Germans attacked at a certain time. So we’re following the German advance through the eyes of the troops of the US Army. I really thought it was great that they explained the movements of the German 5th Army when the Battle of the Bulge started. They made clear how and why Bastogne got surrounded. The attack on Hosingen, the fall of Clervaux, it all comes to attention. If I had to put one downside, it was not mentioning the two roadblocks at Antoniushaff and Feitsch. Also the further part of the siege and the surrounding of the 101st Airborne is explained in detail.

A downside of the documentary is the constant pitch and the somewhat low budget montage. But, men could say who needs high quality editing for such a topic? In the end it comes down to facts. For the younger generation. though, it might get a little boring.

But overall it was an inteteresting documentary and a big plus for the hosts taking you to the actual sites of the battles!

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