At the Oosterbeek commemmorations I met Sam Miller who got me in contact with all these Arnhem veterans. He made my day an unforgettable one! These men are real heroes and I’m so glad to have met them. I met Denzil Cooper and Frank Ashleigh from the Glider Pilot Regiment. I also met with John Crosson, a 7th KSOB veteran who was a sniper at Arnhem. Luis Dimarco, 1st Para Battalion told us his story of the fightings at Arnhem. Man this was an amazing day.

Leaving without a picture of these men? Not on my watch! I’m so honored that I was able to shake their hands.

Denzil Cooper, B Squadron Glider Pilot Regiment
Frank Ashleigh, A Sqdrn Glider Pilot Regiment
John Crosson, 7th Bn KSOB
Luis Dimarco 1st Para Battalion


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  • Michael gregoric

    Very nice photos of you with the Veterans of Arnhem !


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