DSC_0182I was happy to announce to be part of the 70th anniversary of Operation Dragoon this year. Once a again I was going on a holiday trip with the Grootveld family. They invited me to join them at Cavalaire Sur Mer, on the coast of Southern France, for a week.

On Friday August 15th it was exactly 70 years ago when Operation Dragoon started. Operation Dragoon was similar to Operation Overlord on June 6th 1944 (D-Day), but Dragoon was way more successful and had far less casualties than Operation Overlord.

DSC01195 Veteranww2

A ceremony was held at the local monument in Cavalaire sur Mer. Many tourists showed up and there were even a handful of veterans! I had a little talk with a french veteran who landed here during the invasion. He was only 18 years old back then!

DSC01207 DSC01231

DSC01228 DSC01242

The ceremony was followed by a huge parade of war time vehicles and reeanactors from the 3rd infantry division. The 7th infantry regiment, 3rd infantry division landed on the beaches of Cavalaire, code-named: Alpha Red

The evening was closed with a Glenn Miller Big Band and a huge fireworks show. It definitely was a great day!

In the evening of Saturday August 16th a reeanctment invasion was held at the beach behind the local monument in Cavalaire sur Mer. It was fun to see how U.S. troops captured a German MG nest, but it wasn’t that great. You could say that French people are easily pleased.

Nevertheless, I had an unforgettable week in Cavalaire sur Mer! Thanks to the Grootveld family for allowing me to stay with them. On top of this page you will find a Vlog video of all my the activities on August 15th and 16th. You can also click here to watch the video.


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  • sean

    hello i go to sth france every year in the var region and have seen 15 august displays many times in cavalair question when you was metal detecting did any one approach you i am thinking of taking a beech pi detector with me but i have heard of stories of people getting detectors taken from them from police i swim on most of the beaches that the forces landed and have just started researching the area i have been going there twenty years or more now did you find any thing was you discrete when detecting was you the young person on disembarckment plage the one with the short jetty on was this you


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