In one of my previous posts I reviewed the Siege of Bastogne. I mentioned that the constant pitch was a downside of the documentary. In Panzer Marchethis was not the case. The documentary was actually shorter, but much more powerful.

The first part of the documentary focusses on how the Germans managed to surprise the resting 28th Infantry Division during the Ardennes Offensive. I found it really pleasant that they explained what the Keystone dvision was doing there. How they lacked cohesion because of having just pulled back out of the Hürtgen Forest. This really set a great context to how big the surprise was and the historians explained it very well!

By visiting the key positions held by American troops the story of both the US and German side really came alive. Together with the use of maps, pinpointing attacks of the German troops was easy to follow. I was surprised that the historians would walk at the Antoniushoff crossroads and explain how the different Task Force Rose defended this roadblock. I really loved how detailed this documentary was!

A big plus of the documentary is that it’s led by questions from the historians. Especially with a subject like this, the viewer will find this very useful. Instead of giving tons of information, asking questions to one another will keep the viewer alert.

Tom Dormer and the crew of Battlefield TV did great job! I’m looking forward to the other documentaries.

Get Panzer Marche here! 

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