In this post I will try to take you on a battlefield tour of the Battle of the Bulge!

In August this year I visited the Hoesdorf Plateau and walked a historic route with different historical sites!

The “Hoesdorf Plateau” is a historic circuit that tells you the Story of the 109th Infantry Regiment during the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge!

Tree Carvings from 1944 Tree Carvings from 1944

I put everything together in one video so it would be more real for everyone. The video contains footage of GI tree carvings near an observation point of the “Hoesdorf Plateau”, a G.I. Dugout, U.S. Tank Track Footprints and a U.S. Browning machine gun emplacement. In the video I will also tell two amazing stories, one of a German and a U.S. patrol that clashed into each other prior to the Battle of the Bulge and another story about a farm which remains still in the woods.

Want to walk the circuit yourself? click here!

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