Many people travel to Bastogne to visit the former positions of Easy Company near Foy. However, most of these people who travel without a guide are wrong when it comes down to the positions of Easy Company prior to the attack on Foy. Let me explain.

Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR arrived in the Bois Jacques on December 21st 1944 and took up the positions there. They replaced H Company from the 3rd Battalion of the 506th and stayed there until the beginning of January 1945. These woods, the Bois Jacques is where Easy Company faced the German attacks on Bastogne perimiter for more than a week.

(Source: Saving History at Bastogne)

After the Siege of Bastogne ended soldiers from the 101st Airborne expected to be relieved.  General Taylor, however, had other plans and ordered the 506th to push the Germans back to the east. On January 3rd Easy Company started to clear the woods around Foy while preparing for the attack on Foy itself.


That attack, which we see in Episode 7 of Band of Brothers, took place on January 13th 1945. Easy Company was positioned to the woods west of Foy. Back then the tree line extened further than it is now as you can see on the aerial picture. The attacks and the running of the different platoons started from here and NOT from the Bois Jacques.

To help you in your upcomming trip to Bastogne I created a map on Google Maps. Now you can easily pinpoint the different sites and locations so you can visit them yourself!

For those who don’t have the opportunity to visit Bastogne or Foy there’s a YouTube video I created. I went down to Foy to film most of the locations that are pointed out on the map. Hopefully you can have a glimpse of what the Bois Jacques looks right now and can only imagine what it must’ve looked like back in December 1944.

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6 thoughts to “The REAL Band of Brothers Foxholes & Locations in Foy Bastogne

  • Jess Lin

    Thanks for the helpful info – I was easily able to visit the Foy sites yesterday morning, before going to Bastogne’s museums 🙂

  • Ann Miracle

    Thank you very much for your video and helpful knowledge on the foxholes!

  • Dave Firth

    Thank you for your help, I was able to find this area easily on my birthday trip today. It’s a shame that the narrow wooded area that leads onto the field towards Foy has now been logged and the vehicles moving the logs have damaged pretty much all the forward foxholes leaving only the foxholes in the back woods visible. History disappearing but at least you have helped with your videos. Thank you once again. Two more days left to explore for us.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Thank you for the terrific video! My girlfriend and I will be there on the 4th of June this year 2019 and this video and your map are very helpful and much appreciated!

  • Shannon

    Thanks for all the great info. Can you post the link to the maps again?

  • CJ

    Uncle died there


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